SaaS Negotiation

Our Closing Time: SaaS Negotiation program is design to meet the real world needs and challenges of SaaS companies:

  • “An outstanding system for negotiating and closing sales opportunities on a global basis.” — Jim Steele: Chief Customer Officer,
  • Create a consistent repeatable SaaS sales negotiation process designed specifically to meet the challenges of SaaS companies
  • Increase Average Selling Price and ARR and reduce discounting
  • Prevent opportunities from slipping past their forecasted date
  • Increase close rates
  • Accelerate the sales cycle
  • Quickly drive real-world, measurable results
  • Watch how we helped DocuSign increase ASP by over 13%
  • When is comes to SaaS Negotiation, we literally wrote the book and perfected the process
  • Our client base includes some of the largest and best know companies to start-ups, including: Salesforce, Google, DocuSign, Accruent, ADP, SugarCRM, Orum, ETQ, Outreach, Simpplr,, Outreach, Oracle, Workday, Thomson Reuters, Wolters Klewer Fiserv, FIS Global, Seismic and many others

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